Noon-O-Kabab - Individual Kababs

One Skewer Koubideh
Skewer of our delicious fresh ground sirloin beef with Persian seasonings, cooked on open fire.

One Skewer Chenjeh Kabab
Skewer of tender choice rib eye marinated in our tasty secret recipe, cooked on an open fire to perfection.

One Skewer Joujeh Kabab
Very large delicious juicy skewer of lightly marinated chicken breast cooked on open fire.

One Skewer Joujeh Koubideh Kabab
Large skewer of marinated and seasoned ground chicken breast.

One Skewer Lamb Kabab
Large skewer of tender, juicy lamb kabab.

One Skewer Shrimp Kabab
One Skewer of six large shrimp seasoned and charbroiled.

One Skewer Salmon Kabab
A large skewer of freshly filleted and carefully marinated salmon is charbroiled on an open fire.

One Skewer Barg
Large Skewer of our juicy marinated filet mignon.

One Skewer Joujeh Barg
One extra large skewer of chicken breast

One Skew Joujeh on the Bone
Baby Cornish Hen marinated and charbroiled to perfection