Noon-O-Kabab - Side Orders

Side Orders - Dummy - Plate of Greens and Cheese
Plate of Greens and Cheese
Cheese, parsley, onions, and radish.

Side Orders - Dummy - Plate of White Rice
Plate of White Rice
Tradition Persian style rice.

Side Orders - Dummy - Plate of Dill Rice
Plate of Dill Rice
Long grained basmati cooked with fresh dill, parsley, lima beans and garlic.

Extra Cheese
Six piece per order

Side Orders - Dummy - Charbroiled Vegetable Skewer
Charbroiled Vegetable Skewer
Skewer of onions, green pepper and tomato

Side Orders - Dummy - Charbroiled Tomatoes
Two piece $0.95
Six piece $1.95
Charbroiled Tomatoes
Skewer of charbiloed tomatoes.

Side Orders - Dummy - Ghormeh Sabzi Side Order
Ghormeh Sabzi Side Order
Stew of fresh spinach, parsley, green onions, cilantro and fenugreek, all finely chopped and cooked with Persan dried lime, chunks of lamb and red beans.

Side Orders - Dummy - Bread
Freshly baked Pita Bread

8oz $2.50
1.5 oz $0.25
Hot Sauce
Special homemade hot sauce

Substitute Shirin Polo for Rice on Plate Orders
Persian white rice topped with finely shredded pistachio, orange peel jam, shredded carrots, golden raisins and Persian barberry.

Creamy Garlic $2.50
Hot Sauce $2.50
Yogurt Tahini $2.50
Ketchup $2.50
French Fries
Generous portion served with choice of dipping sauce

Substitute Adass Polo
Mixed lentils, caramelized onions, saffron, Persian barberry and raisins