Authentic Persian Cuisine in the Heart of Chicago's North Side. We Offer Carry-Out, Delivery and Persian Catering.

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NOK's Specials

4661 N. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago IL 60625
(773) 279-9309

Delivery & Pick-up
4651 N. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago IL 60625
(773) 279-8899

N.O.K. on Milwaukee
(fast casual dining)
6075 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60646
(773) 647-1988

Internet Reviews


As Fabulous as everyone says it is!

Hidebaconbits - 08/20/2008

A Persian carpet dealer and friend of a friend, strongly recommended this restaurant. So last night my friend and I went there for dinner - and the recommendations were spot on. We had the lamb shank (tender, amazingly flavorful), the vegetarian egglplant plate (words fail me), the Shirin Polo with chicken (which came with still more fabulous dill rice), and topped it all off with either Zulbia or Bomieh (both are fried dough with saffron honey syrup...really sweet but also really terrific. Combined with a bottle of wine, coffee and a baba ghannouj appetizer, our dinner came to less than $80. The ambience was charming, the service exceptional, and the whole experience outstanding. I went back for lunch today (take-out), spoke at length with the very gracious owner, and went away with their renowned salmon plate and something new on the menue Adass Polo (mis of lentils, raisins, caramelized oneions, saffron and Persian barberry served with white rice). Wonder what I will get tomorrow?

HideWEF - 05/11/2008

it is truly rare (and i mean RARE) that i come across such good quality food in Chicago... an absolutely superb food doubled by excellent service (look for Ms. Mihaela - she is an absolute angel, offering you terrific suggestions, allowing you to sample before ordering and treating you like a King!). the meat is the most tender and most delicious i've ever had... the marinating process which they use makes most meats melt in your mouth (tried chicken, beef and lamb, all grilled) while the dill rice is made to perfection. the baklavas are the best you will EVER eat in chicago - they are prepared just as they are in the Middle East - melting in that superb syrup and infused with the right aromas. tried also the yogurt drink with mint which was also fantastic. this is in-cre-di-ble! if you have the pleasure to eat there, take 2 minutes to meet the owner - his philosophy of life substantiates the quality of this restaurant, the flavors of those inspired recipes and the excellent service to his customers. what a treat! undoubtedly, this is THE BEST persian food in Chicago. don't miss this place - this is what a true restaurant should be. Bravo to Noon O'Kabab!!!


Everytime I go there I am treated like family!

HideGavin D., Chicago, IL - 05/04/2009

Everytime I go there I am treated like family!  The service is always there when you need them, it is like they can read your mind.  For instance,  I was thinking, "Man I could really use a refill on my water because I cannot take all of this awesome savory delicious flavor."  Then all of a sudden my waitress was there with the pitcher asking if there was anything else I needed with a smile might I add.  I everytime I am there I enjoy it.  The food is packed with flavor, and filling without making you feel like you over ate which is always a plus.  The rice is amazing they offer dill which I love and regular jasmine, but with some butter on the side to make it even more delicious!  The pitas go great with the small platter of veggies and goat cheese they give you as well as the meat.  I go there with my family a lot "I love them"  and we get a type of family platter where the pitas are under the meat giving them flavor and a different texture that makes it even better.  I have to say that this establishment is one of my favorite place to eat ever due to the service, the atmosphere and the food.  Great for a date and a family night out!
I'm a fan!

HideBrady H., Chicago, IL - 04/28/2009

Thanks Yelp for helping me discover this place. Tasty, no nonsense food. Took the wife and mother-in-law and everyone was happy. The Baba Ghannouj was tasty and our various kebobs were crazy succulent.
I enjoy the Noon O Kabob. And Albany Park.

HideBeth M., Chicago, IL - 03/08/2009

Every so often I get a taste for Middle Eastern/Persian food. I don't feel guilty eating it because to me, it's healthy.

We started with the hummus, which was tasty, but next time we'll go with the baba ghannouj. I like the complimentary side plate of herbs, feta, and a few veggies.

We had the lamb shank and combination plate of ribeye & chicken skewer. The lamb dish was fantastic and if carrots always tasted that good, they would be a staple of my diet. Chicken skewer was also tasty but the ribeye, not so much.  Next time we'll probably get a veggie skewer in its place. I'm a big fan of rice so I got the combination of both kinds. Still not sure which one I like better.

Our waitress was sweet and kept saying "super," but in a genuine way.

I washed everything down with a glass of Hirschbach & Sohne Reisling (from website -  moderately sweet with ripe apricot, mango, citrus and a mineral finish). Ahhhhhh, satisfying.